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Central Bank: That ₡5,000 counterfeit bank note message is fake

The BCCR is asking people to “touch, watch and turn” the bills to look for the security measures that show a bill is not a counterfeit.

Central Bank issues new improved ₡5,000 banknotes

The Central Bank made four changes on the front side of the bill but the banknotes in general will look almost the same as current ones.

Unregistered, illegal health products sold online, delivered to Costa Rica

Public Health Ministry officials reported that they have found a total of 69 websites, including social media profiles and online pharmacies, that offer to deliver medication and other health products that don't comply with Costa Rica’s sanitary regulations.

Booze bootleggers busted after bribe backfires

Cops seized 597 cases of booze, including rum, whiskey, tequila and beer, worth an estimated ₡20 million ($38,000).

Police seize more than 10,000 contraband cigarettes in San José raids

A joint operation involving officials from three government agencies on Tuesday resulted in the confiscation of 10,687 cigarettes that entered the country under irregular circumstances, confirmed the Public Security Ministry (MSP).

Finance Ministry proposes tougher sanctions to crack down on contraband smuggling

Liquor, beer and cigarettes are the three most common items that smugglers transport across the border. Fiscal Control Police last year confiscated 123,072 bottles of beer, 36,464 bottles of whisky and more than 21 million cigarettes.

National Police seize contraband cargo an hour after inauguration of new checkpoint

Barely one hour after the official opening of a new police checkpoint at Kilometer 35 of the southern stretch of the Inter-American Highway, National Police officers seized a shipment of contraband merchandise inside a bus owned by a company that travels between Panama and Costa Rica, the Public Security Ministry reported.

Old banknotes lose their value from January 1

Old bills only will be accepted in banks.

New ₡5,000, ₡10,000 and ₡50,000 bills to circulate in August

Old banknotes will only be accepted until December.

Costa Rica circulates new ₡1,000 and ₡2,000 bills

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Make sure to spend all your oId bills of the same denomination. They lose their value after Aug. 31.

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