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Costa Rica's Greatest Places

Corcovado Costa Rica: Change is coming to a timeless place

New rules at Corcovado National Park prohibit outside food, and some are not happy, but some say it's a change for the better.

In Arenal real estate market, the lake takes center stage

The Arenal real estate market is dominated by homes around the idyllic lake, and it's fueled primarily by expat retirees looking for a house under $300,000.

Nosara is a Costa Rican town from another planet

Nosara is a major yoga capital, a teacher of teachers, and it’s a first-class surf destination, but it’s more than the sum of its parts.

Marina Pez Vela sailed a rough sea to calmer waters

The Marina Pez Vela got off to a rocky start, both in its finances and in its public perception, but it found its way to a gentle landing.

In search of new horizons and old turtle traps in Manuel Antonio

How do you build a turtle trap out of rocks? Here's the surprising answer, with ocelots, cliff-climbing and a thunderstorm in Manuel Antonio.

Costa Rican Tourism: Why Manuel Antonio and Quepos are Kings

In the second installment of a series on “Costa Rica’s Greatest Places,” today The Tico Times Travel kicks off a multi-story package on the attractions, the adventures and the backstory that have made Manuel Antonio and Quepos the top destination in Costa Rica.

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