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Costa Rica unions

Following strike-ending agreement, public schools (slowly) return to normal

An Education Ministry report released on Tuesday morning indicates that of 3,751 public schools in Costa Rica, only 613 were functioning normally on Monday, while 1,394 were partially operational and 1,744 remained closed.

Teachers divided over resuming strike negotiations

Education Minister Sonia Marta Mora on Friday morning met with supervisors of Costa Rica's 27 school districts and asked for a full report of teachers who do not report to work on Monday.

Teachers reject pay deal; education minister says get back to work

Education Minister Sonia Marta Mora on Wednesday evening said the government will no longer negotiate with unions until teachers return to the classrooms.

Former Education Minister Leonardo Garnier blames old system for backlog in teachers’ salaries

Former Education Minister Leonardo Garnier on Wednesday evening said that a backlog in payment of public teachers’ salaries did not originate from the transition to a new computer system, but rather from problems caused by the old payment system.

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