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Costa Rica unions

No deal: Government and unions postpone meeting to discuss an agreement

The government and public sector unions, which have been on a strike for three weeks, postponed a meeting to discuss a preliminary agreement to lift the strike, the Catholic Church said this Sunday.

Public workers threaten general strike if lawmakers approve bill reducing pay

Unions leaders are threatening to call a general strike in late September or early October if lawmakers move forward with a bill that would eliminate public worker bonuses and cash incentives.

Public employees, porteadores to demonstrate in Costa Rica’s capital

Classes will be suspended at 95 public schools across the country and public hospitals only will attend emergencies and lab tests. Porteadores, or private chauffeurs, will also protest starting at 8 a.m.

Protestor convicted for vandalism during protests against Moín port

Labor leaders and some politicians denounced the conviction, while the court said it would not allow vandalism during protests.

Costa Rica’s major league concern

Two weeks after the end of the World Series, The Tico Times looks at the Costa Rican factory in Turrialba where MLB baseballs are made.

Dockworkers strike declared illegal after union loses appeal

Soon after striking longshoremen reached a partial deal with the Atlantic Port Authority, JAPDEVA, to return to work Thursday, a court in Limón declared the strike illegal, rejecting the union’s appeal filed Monday.

Hurting the bottom line: Delays from dock strike have impact on business

As the strike in Costa Rica's Caribbean port city of Limón stretched into its tenth day, importers and exporters are struggling to meet their obligations to customers, according to several sources consulted by The Tico Times. Despite the port remaining open, the ongoing strike has created an administrative backlog that has delayed some shipments by as much as 72 hours.

Costa Rican authorities investigate alleged payments to known criminals to stage violent protests in Caribbean port city

Authorities in Costa Rica have opened active criminal investigations to determine who organized the ongoing acts of violence and vandalism that began last week and continued through Monday during a dockworkers strike that briefly paralyzed the country's most important commercial port in the Caribbean province of Limón.

Costa Rica’s Labor Ministry suspends talks with unions over port project after president’s picture burned

LIMÓN – Costa Rica's Labor Minister Victor Morales announced that negotiations with the dockworkers union SINTRAJAP would be suspended until its leaders issued a public statement denouncing the burning of President Luis Guillermo Solís' image outside union headquarters in the Caribbean port of Limón on Monday. Negotiations were originally scheduled to continue at the Labor Ministry on Wednesday in San José.

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