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Costa Rica legislation

Facing backlash, Costa Rica’s OECD representative resigns

The new representative of Costa Rica to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Ottón Solís, resigned from his position eight days after taking office due to backlash from Congress and business associations.

Official: Costa Rica becomes 38th member country of the OECD

Costa Rica is the fourth Latin American nation to join the organization, based in Paris, after Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

President of Costa Rica enacts adherence to the OECD

Costa Rica will be the 38th member of the OECD and the fourth Latin American nation to be part of the organization, along with Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

Costa Rica Congress green-lights OECD entry

Costa Rica's Congress gave the go-ahead for the country's entry into the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

President of Legislative Assembly tests positive for COVID-19

Cruickshank, the first Afro-Costa Rican to preside over the Legislative Assembly, is the most prominent Costa Rican politician to test positive for the coronavirus. 

Eduardo Cruickshank becomes first Afro-Costa Rican to preside over Legislative Assembly

Deputy Eduardo Cruickshank, of the evangelical National Restoration party, was elected Friday as president of the Costa Rican parliament.

Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly votes to regulate strikes in response to country-wide protests

The initiative prohibits strikes in essential public services such as health, safety, school lunchrooms, and water and energy supply. It also puts limits on work stoppages in education.

Citizen group wants referendum on drafting a new Constitution

Proponents of a new constitution want to decentralize the government's power and declare Costa Rica a secular state.

Costa Rica debates right-to-die legislation

Costa Rica’s legislature is debating a bill that would give terminally ill patients the right to refuse treatment, which supporters say will guarantee their right to a “dignified death.”

Finally some upbeat news for family of Costa Rica’s good Samaritan Gerardo Cruz

Gerardo Cruz, the 22-year-old Costa Rican man who stood up to a sex aggressor harassing a woman on the street, finally opened his eyes while lying in a hospital bed more than three weeks after he was stabbed, local media reported this week.

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