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costa rica 2018 elections

Presidential nominee Antonio Álvarez Desanti to step down as legislator

While votes are still being counted, the party has moved on.

UPDATE: Álvarez Desanti maintains in Liberation primary; late-night vote-counting drama

The PLN Internal Elections Tribunal's decision to suspend its count caused candidate Álvarez Desanti to express concerns about potential fraud.

Who’s who on the PLN ballot: forecasts for tomorrow’s presidential primary

Four candidates will seek the nomination for the social democratic party, which has elected seven Costa Rica presidents since its founding in 1951.

Ten new parties register for the 2018 election

In total 16 national parties are registered to take part in the presidential elections, and 12 are allowed to present candidates for the Legislative Assembly.

Three imaginary political headlines from Costa Rica’s future

Alvaro Murillo imagines a 2018 presidential election with more than 100 parties, a 100% victory for a national hero, and widespread euphoria... all leading to disaster.

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