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Colombia economy

Military deployed to Cali as Colombia marks full month of protests

Colombia marked a full month of nationwide protests, which began over a proposed tax increase but have since morphed into a broader anti-establishment mobilization.

Calm urged after deadly Colombia protest clampdown

The anti-government protests in Colombia come at a time of economic despair for many, fueled by the global health crisis. 

Pompeo visits Colombia, where he will meet with Guaidó

The head of US diplomacy, Mike Pompeo, will meet on Monday in Colombia with the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, on his first stop of a three-day trip to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Latin American currencies sink to 22-year low as stocks tumble

Latin American currencies tumbled and stocks joined a global selloff Monday on speculation that the region's economic contraction will deepen as Chinese growth slows down.

Colombia’s big ugly election and the prospects for peace

Wiretaps. Drug-gang payoffs. Clandestine videos. Unspeakable insults. Photoshopped campaign pictures. For Colombia's voters, going to the polls on Sunday comes as a catharsis after the ugliness that has marred one of this year's most important presidential elections in Latin America.

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