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Costa Rica’s year in arts and culture

From favorite shows to outrageous flubs, The Tico Times looks back on highlights of 2015 on Costa Rica's arts and culture scene.

UN committee asks Costa Rica to remove ‘Cocori’ from grade school classrooms citing the book’s ‘racist connotations’

The U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination said its members worried about the use of school texts that can “be interpreted as having a stereotypical vision of minorities, especially of indigenous or Afro-Caribbean populations."

Russian seeks to change Costa Rica’s national anthem

Evgeny Kabanov, a Russian citizen currently in the process of becoming a naturalized Costa Rican, submitted a bill in January to change Costa Rica's national anthem to make it more inclusive of black people.

Black Costa Rican congresswomen report racist threats

The aggressions against lawmakers Epsy Campbell and Maureen Clarke began in late April when the congresswomen asked the culture ministry to withdraw funding for a musical adaptation of the controversial novel Cocorí.

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