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CO2 emissions

Atmospheric CO2 more than 50 percent higher than pre-industrial era

Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in May were 50 percent higher than during the pre-industrial era, reaching levels not seen on Earth...

Costa Rica will receive $10.3 million to Decarbonize the Greater Metropolitan Area

The Global Environmental Fund (GEF) announced that it will provide Costa Rica with $10.3 million over five years to invest in the decarbonization of...

Municipality of San José revives streetcar project for the capital

San José Mayor Johnny Araya said the city is currently amid the process of hiring a consulting firm to conduct feasibility and cost studies of the streetcar project.

Legislative Assembly passes bill to jumpstart electric train system

Costa Rica’s publicly-owned rail company has been given the green light to contract with private companies to create an electric rail system that the government hopes will help the country reduce carbon emissions and ease pressure on the country’s desperately choked roadways.

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