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Four presidential candidates in favor of breaking fuel monopoly

Aside from their opinions about RECOPE's monopoly, candidates agreed on most of the other economic issues discussed at the debate.

Employment outlook among industrial sector shows no improvement

Industrial entrepreneurs consider the country's high electricity tariffs as the main factor affecting their companies’ competitiveness, as well as costs of social security, high fuel prices, bad road infrastructure, unfair competition from informal businesses, and high taxes.

Motorists get cheaper fuel prices starting this week

ARESEP approved the new fuel prices on Monday and they went into effect on Tuesday when the agency published them in the official newspaper La Gaceta.

Costa Rica reacts to Donald Trump victory

Shock, angst in many quarters, and plunging markets greet the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

Request to raise fuel prices provokes sharp criticism

Business chambers, citizens and lawmakers asked the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling allowing RECOPE to include costs of non-salary perks in fuel prices.

Pessimism growing among Costa Rica’s business sector, studies find

Costa Rican entrepreneurs expect hiring to stagnate while the number of private-sector companies considering staff cuts has increased in recent months, two recent studies find.

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