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3 attractive areas for expat living in Costa Rica

A guide to three of the country's most popular locations for international residents.

Costa Rican prosecutors investigate luxury condominium fraud in Central Valley

On Monday, Costa Rican prosecutors announced they are launching an investigation of real estate group Homes Grupo Inmobilario for various developments in the Central Valley.

Sizeable temblor shakes Costa Rica’s Central Valley

A reported 4.6-magnitude earthquake rattled through the Central Valley at 11:51 a.m. on Thursday, and could be felt for approximately 15 seconds in downtown San José. The University of Costa Rica’s National Seismological Network (RSN) said the tremor originated five kilometers east of Naranjito de Aguirre, Quepos in Puntarenas.

Postcards from Naranjo: Where Costa Rica’s best coffee grows

NARANJO, Alajuela – Between the arts-and-crafts capital of Sarchí and the reveling festivities in Palmares lies the oft-overlooked town of Naranjo. Bundled into the high hills of the Central Valley northwest of the capital, Naranjo hardly gets more than a paragraph in most guide books. But the small town has its claim to fame: Naranjo is home to the best coffee in Costa Rica.

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