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Entrepreneurs in Costa Rica Join Forces to boost the Hemp Market

In early March, the Costa Rican Congress approved a Bill of Law to legalize medical cannabis and hemp in the country. This came as...

President of Costa Rica Partially Veto’s Medical Cannabis Bill

President Alvarado formally announced what many people had already expected, when he partially vetoed the bill that would legalize the trade and cultivation of...

Costa Rica approves bill that allows the cultivation of Cannabis

With the support of 29 deputies, the bill that allows the cultivation of cannabis was approved. The initiative intends to regulate and allow the...

Medical Cannabis in Costa Rica: A controversial alternative awaiting legalization

Mateo Amador, a seven-year-old Costa Rican boy with cerebral palsy, suffered daily epileptic episodes until he started consuming cannabis oil, says his father, who...

An 8-year-old’s tragic illness tests Mexico’s ban on marijuana use

After years of cycling through anti-convulsive medications, the family of an 8-year-old girl debilitated by seizures is now desperate to try a marijuana oil that has helped American children in similar conditions.

Cannabis is medicine, experts at first regional conference on medicinal marijuana agree

For many Costa Ricans, marijuana legalization conjures images of dreadlocked hippies lying in hammocks getting baked. This perception is precisely what CannaCosta 2015, Central America's first annual conference about the medicinal and industrial uses of cannabis and hemp, tried to change.

Social Security System president denies Caja approved medicinal marijuana in Costa Rica

However, a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana could be discussed and voted on in the Legislative Assembly as early as next month.

Marijuana activists push legalization of medical cannabis in Costa Rica

Latin American countries have been slow to follow Uruguay's lead in legalizing pot. A 2014 survey in Costa Rica found that 53 percent of the population supported the use of medical marijuana.

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