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Dual exhibits at National Gallery highlight student creativity

The building that contains The Children’s Museum is the perfect place to display some adolescent artwork, and the range of their subjects and styles is a pleasure to behold, whether you know the students or not.

Art installation ‘Exchanged Glances’ proves moody and mysterious

Daniela Vargas Winiker's installation at the 1887 Gallery is colorful, cryptic, enticing - and well worth a visit.

Rosi Garita’s astrological paintings decorate the National Theater

Whatever her original objective, Rosi Garita's paintings have a mysterious quality, as if, like the stars, each must be decoded for hidden meaning.

TEOR/éTica offers different views of urban life

Using three different exhibits, the tiny art space is exploring the metropolitan dream through a mix of media and artistic visions.

‘Dirty Game’ is a raw retrospective of a great Costa Rican artist

The Central Bank Museum showcases decades of work by a superlative creative force: fearless and provocative artist José Miguel Rojas González.

Museum of Contemporary Art celebrates 20 years of provocative exhibition

Let’s cut to the chase: Contemporary art is generally odd and uncomfortable, and the people who visit an art gallery feel compelled to “understand” it. The best way to approach a group show like “Day” is to seek out that one thing you particularly like.

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