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The lost ‘Aryan utopia’ of Nueva Germania

In the San Pedro region of Paraguay, a little village called Nueva Germania was founded as an “Aryan utopia” by the sister of famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. But do villagers today still connect to those original ideals?

Neanderthal poo shows cavemen ate their veggies

The oldest known Neanderthal poo, uncovered in Spain, shows that cavemen ate not only meat but vegetables too, according to a study published on Wednesday.

The royal baby: A bouncing bundle of international obsession

This baby was delivered unto the people at 4:24 Monday afternoon, weighing eight pounds and six ounces, a presumably adorable boy.

Onwards and upwards

SOMEONE SAID: On the evolution of environmental dominance.

In for a future shock

SOMEONE SAID: Are humans getting smarter with each succeeding generation? And what does that mean for us old folk?

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