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Aedes aegypti

Health Ministry confirms sixth case of a baby born with Zika virus

During the first 22 weeks of this year there were 175 confirmed cases of the mosquito-borne virus in the country. Of these, 27 are women who contracted the virus during pregnancy.

Dengue vaccine likely to be available at public hospitals next year

Costa Rica’s Health Ministry on Monday approved the use of Dengvaxia, the first licensed dengue vaccine recommended by the World Health Organization.

Zika virus total surpasses 100 cases in Costa Rica

The latest report from the Health Ministry released last week states that there are 107 confirmed cases of Zika virus, 67 of them in the Central Pacific canton of Garabito.

Costa Rica’s rainy season brings rise in Zika cases

Costa Rica's Health Ministry reported 19 cases of Zika in the Pacific beach town of Jacó, and 32 cases nationwide.

Zika crisis to get ‘worse before it gets better,’ WHO says

World Health Organization chief Margaret Chan said part of the challenge in fighting the virus is that it is so "mysterious." Even the link to microcephaly remains not fully proven.

Tourism sector seeks to calm fears of Zika virus

Authorities and tourism industry leaders are ramping up mosquito fumigation and public information campaigns about Zika in Guanacaste.

Costa Rica confirms first two local cases of Zika virus

Costa Rica Health Ministry officials on Monday confirmed that two women from the community of Sámara, in Guanacaste province, are the first confirmed cases of locally acquired Zika virus.

Mosquito spreading Zika has long been one of the world’s ‘most efficient killers’

It fits easily onto a single fingernail, and yet has tormented armies and obliterated the population of entire cities.

Costa Rica boosts measures against Zika, rules out risks for tourists

Officials from several government agencies on Monday said the current situation of Zika virus in Costa Rica does not pose a risk for tourists and that there is not any travel or trade restriction related to the mosquito-borne disease.

The hidden environmental factors behind the spread of Zika and other devastating diseases

The alarming spread of the Zika virus is looking more like a public health catastrophe. But it's also something else: The latest example of how human alterations to their environments can empower disease-carrying organisms and the viruses they bring with them.

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