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Guatemalan president gets backing from Central American leaders at SICA meeting

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – Beleaguered Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom thanked his Central American counterparts Wednesday for their “solidarity” and “objectivity” amid impassioned calls for his...

Guatemala president faces mounting pressure in scandal

Even some fast-food restaurants joined in Thursday's nationwide protests held to demand President Otto Pérez Molina's resignation. "All our restaurants will remain closed. We are joining in the change reshaping our country," said a message posted to the Twitter account of McDonald's Guatemala.

Guatemalans Challenge Open-Pit Mining

MANAGUA – Managua’s InternationalAirport could suffer a lowered security ratingby the U.S. Federal AviationSAN MARCOS, Guatemala –Undaunted by threats against his life fromunidentified “occult...

Guatemala: Adapting to climate change

This Central American country of 14 million doesn’t make the list of the world’s top carbon emitters. But it is one of the countries that will suffer most from climate change.

Guatemalan Leftists Decry Wave of Political Violence

GUATEMALA CITY – Politically motivated violence has spiked in Guatemala, with opposition leaders decrying the recent murder of four activists or officials belonging to...

Backlash continues over hydroelectric power projects in Guatemala

The streets of Guatemala City brimmed for a few hours last Thursday morning with as many as 20,000 protesters from the countryside. The demonstration was intended to apply pressure on the nation’s highest court, which is currently considering the constitutionality of a plan to expand energy projects throughout rural regions of Guatemala.

Guatemala ‘La Línea’ ringleader turns himself in, accuses ex-president of directing fraud scheme

GUATEMALA CITY – After being on the run for six months, Juan Carlos Monzón – one of the top leaders of a massive customs fraud scheme that brought down Guatemala’s president, vice president and dozens of others – has finally turned himself in.

Guatemalans demand president, vice president resign over corruption scandal

Last week Guatemalan and international prosecutors announced they had issued arrest warrants for 22 people allegedly involved in a criminal network that took bribes in exchange for reduced customs duties, making millions off the foregone government revenue. Among those arrested were the current and former heads of Guatemala’s tax administration, the president of national newspaper SigloXXI and Baldetti’s private secretary, Juan Carlos Monzón.

Indigenous Guatemalan War Victims Demand Compensation from Government

GUATEMALA CITY – Thousands of Maya Indians protested Monday in the capital to demand that the government pay the indemnities it established for victims...

UPDATE: Guatemala’s former Vice President Baldetti arrested in ongoing corruption probe; President also likely involved, investigators say

"The apprehension of the ex-vice president is confirmed," Julia Barrera, spokeswoman for the Public Prosecutor's Office, told reporters Friday morning. The warrant for Roxana Baldetti's arrest includes charges of illicit association, fraud and bribery.

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