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US visa lottery now open

The U.S. State Department opened its diversity visa program, or lottery, on Oct. 1, promising 50,000 permanent resident visas for next year. Costa Ricans are eligible to apply.

Costa Rica takes New York: Gala evening supports new expat mentoring program

The gala’s title, “De Verde a Gris,” reflects the idea that Costa Ricans who move to New York must leave the green of their homeland for the gray of their new surroundings. For one evening at least, the music, food and art of Costa Rica lit up a small corner of a big city.

Costa Rican Embassy opens to public for Washington’s annual ‘Passport DC’ festivities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Costa Rica’s embassy in Washington became a mini-tourist attraction of sorts Saturday when it flung open its doors to the public for “Passport DC” – a colorful annual event involving 42 diplomatic missions from Azerbaijan to Venezuela.
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From Argentina to El Salvador: The Dramatic Hunt for a Gang-Free Future

The Minister of Security of Argentina, Patricia Bullrich, began a four-day visit to El Salvador this Sunday to learn about the "method" applied by...

How to Plant a Tropical Tree in your own Backyard

Since June 15 was celebrated around the planet as tree day, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight a special tree you can...

How a Tiny Parakeet Named Verde Changed My Day

In the area of Guanacaste where my family and I have lived for the last 12 years it is almost impossible to go through...