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8 questions to ask before buying a vacation home in Costa Rica

Whether you are a tourist, a foreign resident or a citizen, here are eight questions to ask before buying a vacation home in Costa Rica.

Why the perfect Costa Rica house does not exist

When house shopping in Costa Rica, you need to keep an open mind.

5 Costa Rica house-hunting pitfalls to avoid

How to avoid emotional and financial mistakes when shopping for a home in Costa Rica.

10 things to think about when buying a starter home

With the arrival of large international companies in Costa Rica and better paid jobs, developers have adjusted their market to smaller homes and apartments in condominium, also called starter homes.

5 things you can do to add curb appeal to your home

Most property sellers drive home every day and take their surroundings for granted, however what a house's exterior looks like is the first thing a buyer sees when looking to purchase a property.

Tips for investing in a future development in Costa Rica: What’s the process?

You are planning to invest into a future real estate development in Costa Rica. You see all those free magazines with pages and pages of real estate developers advertising houses, condos, offices and warehouses for sale, and they all look beautiful. But for one reason or another you are not ready to purchase yet, though you are excited about the possibilities.
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