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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

This is why the euro is collapsing

The euro has already fallen to a 12-year low of $1.06, and should keep falling for at least another year. In fact, it shouldn't be long until the dollar is worth more.

Holiday brings jump in dollar exchange rate at Costa Rica banks

After a long period of stability the U.S. dollar exchange rate this week showed an upward trend at both public and private banks in the country.

Costa Rican cops find $4 million hidden in a spare tire

Costa Rican police seized $4.13 million on Tuesday night during an anti-drug operation on the Inter-American Highway, the Public Security Ministry reported. According to reports, the stash of bills was hidden in a spare tire.

Recent exchange rate stability offers relief to businesses

The Central Bank’s efforts to quell volatility in the Costa Rican currency seem to be working. But analysts note that there are bigger problems on the horizon for businesses.

Police seize over $100,000 since opening new border checkpoint

In the early hours of Friday morning, police confiscated a cool $38,946 from a Costa Rican man driving to Panama in the latest such seizure.

Border police seize $68,000 in cash near Panamanian border

A drug sniffing dog helped police find the illicit greenbacks.

What gamblers really won betting on Costa Rica

Despite the rumors, no one really won much money.

Argentines drain banks of dollars for safekeeping in mattresses

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Jorge Lischetti applied to purchase dollars from the government the day Argentina eased controls. He stashed the $300 he was allowed to buy in January in his Buenos Aires home and did the same on the first day of February.

US dollar trades at highest level in three years

In the lead up to national elections here and following news that the United States Federal Reserve would raise pull back economic stimulus, the U.S. dollar reached its highest point against the Costa Rican colón, the national currency, since November 2010.
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Costa Rica Coffee

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