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No room for error as Costa Rica faces Honduras

Honduras and Costa Rica Rica meet Thursday with the obligation to win to avoid being left behind in the CONCACAF octagonal, the final round...

From fear to freedom: Mexico’s abortion reforms

When Fernanda Garcia went to hospital with pain and bleeding after taking medication to end her pregnancy, a nurse threatened to report her and...

Latin America no stranger to Church sexual abuse allegations

Latin America has not been immune from allegations of the sexual abuse of minors perpetrated by priests and those within the Catholic Church.

Facebook fights global outage and whistleblower revelations

Facebook battled dueling crises on Monday as it faced a large-scale outage of its dominant social network for seven hours, and fought against a...

‘Pandora Papers’ expose leaders’ offshore millions

The Pandora Papers are the latest in a series of ICIJ leaks of financial documents, from LuxLeaks to the Panama Papers.

Nicaragua to use Cuban Covid vaccines

Nicaragua approved emergency use of the Abdala and Soberana 02 vaccines developed by Cuba.

Panama fears could be hit by new ICIJ ‘Pandora Papers’ leak

Panama fears the publication Sunday of a new expose about financial secrecy in global tax havens could again taint its reputation, which was seriously...

Darien Gap: Where hell and hope collide for US-bound migrants

Stumbling over a stone in the Colombian jungle, a 12-year-old Haitian boy only pauses before readjusting the folded tent slung over his shoulder and...

Man in Costa Rica receives first operation of its kind in Latin America

d man in Costa Rica became the first in Latin America to receive an esophagus replacement using material from his small intestine

Thousands march for abortion rights in Latin America

Thousands of women took to the streets across Latin America on Tuesday to demand abortion rights, a practice largely prohibited in the region.

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