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Costa Rica Trail a Walk on the Wild Side 

Travel & Leisure magazine recently featured the “El Camino de Costa Rica” hiking trail in its latest publication, shedding light on this remarkable expedition.

Starting from the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica (Atlántic), adventurers can initiate their journey in either the quaint town of Parismina or the community of Barra del Pacuare. Departing from these locales, hikers embark on a boat ride to the Goshen Pier, where the scenic walk commences.

The trail concludes in the Pacific town of Quepos, with the final steps guided by a captivating mural depicting an octopus. As hikers ascend the stairs, the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean signals the triumphant culmination of their expedition.

Journalist Jen Murphy shared her unique experience traversing the Costa Rica Trail, a 174-mile (280 km) odyssey managed by the non-profit organization Mar a Mar and led by Conchita Espino, a former World Bank officer.

The journalist highlighted the natural beauty of Costa Rica, palpable all along the way. She also commented that this experience allowed her to go even deeper into the country and experience it in a different way, without limiting herself only to the tourist experience.

“The scene felt fantastical, straight out of a Disney movie. Three glasswing butterflies perched on a cluster of billy-goat weed. Orchids dotted the dark green forest canopy. Tiny iridescent hummingbirds flashed across the sky like fairies. Finally, in this moment, was the Costa Rica I’d been looking for,” she said.

The pinnacle of this adventure lies in the opportunity for trekkers to reside in local homes and family-run lodges, creating an immersive experience combining a walking safari, a culinary tour, and cultural immersion.

Murphy strongly advises those considering this incredible journey to enlist the services of a guide, given the challenging terrain. While the duration of the expedition is flexible, the recommended timeframe is sixteen days.

For those eager to plan their own coast-to-coast journey across Costa Rica, detailed information is available at

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