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Costa Rica Coast Guard Rescues Turtles, Nabs Poachers

Officers from the National Coast Guard were on a routine patrol in the Caribbean coastal waters near Cieneguita. They noticed a suspicious, high-speed panga boat and signaled for it to stop, but the occupants ignored orders and continued speeding away.

A chase ensued and eventually the panga collided with the Coast Guard’s vessel and became beached. When officers searched the boat, they found three adult green sea turtles and arrested three men who had been transporting them illegally.

It appears the men intended to exploit the turtles by trading their meat, eggs, shells and oils – all extremely troubling and illegal activities that put these endangered species further at risk.

When the boat crashed on the beach, a fuel canister tipped over and the turtles swallowed some of the toxic fluid. They became extremely stressed and started expelling their eggs prematurely. It was a heartbreaking scene.

The Coast Guard quickly transferred the turtles to a nearby animal rescue center for rehabilitation. Specialists are monitoring them closely, but their outlook remains uncertain at this time.

The three detained men are all locals with prior records of illegal activities – from drug trafficking to violence against women. Now they face additional charges for harming these protected turtles.

This disheartening event highlights the many dangers still facing sea turtles in our coastal waters. Though Costa Rica has laws to protect them, poaching and black-market trading still persist. Habitat loss and pollution are also huge threats.

We must strengthen conservation efforts and crack down on those who would do these peaceful, ancient creatures harm. They play important roles in ocean ecosystems and have intrinsic value beyond just being seen as commodities for exploitation.

We will be following this case closely and pushing for maximum penalties against those responsible. Our community must send a strong message that mistreating wildlife will not be tolerated here in Limón. We must protect our natural heritage before it’s too late.

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