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100,000 Costa Rican Residents Will be Affected by Water Cuts

Approximately 100,000 residents of Costa Rica’s Greater Metropolitan Area will be impacted by the water rationing AyA will implement during the dry season.

“We are trying not to carry them out until it is strictly necessary, but it is believed that at the end of this month, we will start with night rationing while trying to have the minimum impact on the population,” officials stated.

According to the authorities, 84% of Costa Ricans will have a continuous supply.

The population will be notified about the new interruptions through social networks, the institution’s website, the telephone line, and the mass media.

Rolando Rojas, Director of Production and Distribution of AyA, commented that Coronado, San Rafael de Desamparados, San Miguel de Desamparados, certain areas of Puriscal, and parts of Alajuelita will be among those affected and that more sites will be disturbed “as we move through the summer.”

During the dry season, two phenomena affect the supply: people consume more water due to the high temperatures, and the water sources decrease their production due to the lack of rain.

This has forced institutions such as AyA to implement the necessary measures to ensure water shortages don’t have catastrophic consequences.

“To prevent, what, for the populations could become a shortage of drinking water distribution, we have been working on investment plans that will improve the situation and minimize the impact,” said Alejandro Picado, president of the CNE.

Although the 2022 rainy season was very strong in the Pacific, the Caribbean did not receive significant rainfall.

It is crucial to save water and take care of this resource. Costa Rican authorities ask the population to use water rationally,  especially during the dry season.

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