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Rainer Schaller And His Plane Still Missing In Costa Rica Waters

One week after his plane went missing off the coast of Costa Rica, Rainer Schaller, the owner of RSG Group, and his plane have still not been found.

Schaller and his family were traveling aboard his private jet when it went missing one week ago. Local authorities reported that they lost communication with the aircraft at 5:50 p.m. on October 21st. It was reported to have gone down in the waters off of Parismina, just 28 kilometers from its destination of Limon, Costa Rica.

The RSG Group is the holding company of McFit and Gold’s Gym with 41,000 employees in 48 countries.

As of today, Costa Rica officials have reported they have only found the body of a child and the partial remains of one adult, along with some luggage and small debris.

The search has included the Costa Rica Coast Guard, Panamanian Coast Guard and German search teams.

According to local fisherman the currents off of Parismina would have carried any evidence of the crash south towards Panama. The also have said that the waters where the plane was reported to go down can be as much as 600 meters deep, making recovery efforts extremely difficult.

The plane on which Schaller, his family and a Swiss pilot were traveling departed from Mexico for a brief visit to Costa Rica. The private jet was an Italian turbo prop that was reportedly purchased for 4.5 million dollars for his vacation throughout Latin America.

Costa Rica authorities fear that they may never find the plane or the other passengers. They have also stated that without the plane wreckage they are unable to initiate an investigation into the crash.

The family of the Swiss pilot have already planned a memorial service. The RSG Group has issued a statement acknowledging the crash and that they are “shocked and stunned about the tragedy.”

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