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Covid in Costa Rica: Deaths and hospitalizations remain high

Costa Rica registered 15,941 new Covid-19 cases during epidemiological week 38, which spanned September 19-25. This represents a 4.9% increase over the previous period, and an average of 2,277 cases daily, though it’s a decrease compared to early-September figures.

During epidemiological week 38, Costa Rica added 223 deaths related to Covid-19, an average of 32 people who lost their lives daily. This corresponds to an increase of 5.6% in mortality from one week to another.

During epidemiological week 38, the average number of hospitalized patients with Covid-19 was 1,340, while the average for week 37 was 1,323 people, a small (1.3%) increase. Similarly, epidemiological week 38 registered 906 hospital admissions versus 851 for week 37; this represents an increase of 6.5% in new hospital admissions.

Specifically, on Tuesday, September 28, Costa Rica added 2,078 new cases and 39 deaths, while 1,359 people remain hospitalized. Of the total hospitalized, 449 are in the ICU and 910 in the less-critical rooms. The majority of deaths (60%) during epidemiological week 38 were among the elderly.

As of September 28, Costa Rica has accumulated 6,316 deaths related to Covid-19.

The majority of people hospitalized with Covid-19 in Costa Rica are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, the Social Security Fund has said. More than 2 million people — representing about 40% of the country’s population — are fully vaccinated.

In response to the recent rise in cases, hospitalizations and deaths, Costa Rica is maintaining some driving and business restrictions in October.

For more information about Covid-19 in Costa Rica, see the Health Ministry graphic below:

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