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Expect delays at immigration on Saturday

On Saturday, April 17, planned system maintenance will cause delays at all immigration control posts in Costa Rica, the Immigration Administration says.

The Judicial Branch conducted similar maintenance last Saturday.

“From 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on both days, we will not have INTERPOL consultation available, which is a service that Interpol provides worldwide and is housed in the Judicial Branch facilities,” DGME said.

Immigration police will instead use a manual process to verify travel documents and identify people with international arrest warrants.

These manual consultations will generate delays in airports, maritime and land control posts due to the increase in consultation times for each person.

“It is important that all nationals and foreigners who intend to leave the country during those days take the necessary provisions, such as showing up the recommended time before departure (3 hours) with complete documentation,” said Raquel Vargas, director of DGME.

Costa Rica welcomed 117,452 international arrivals over the first two months of 2021, or about 2,000 people per day, according to Tourism Board data.

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