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Art City Tour, Progressive Rock Concert and other happenings around Costa Rica

July 9, 2015

Cultural: Art City Tour

The fourth edition of this year’s Art City Tour, “Vacations in San Jose,” takes place this July 15 starting at 5 p.m. Art City Tour is a regular event that vies participants free access to museums and other participating institutions throughout downtown San José. Itineraries include tours through different museums, galleries, cultural centers, design stores, parks and historical buildings.

Art City Tour “Vacaciones en Chepe” takes place July 15, San Jose downtown. Free. More info: GAM Cultural website.

Music: Opeth Concert

The Swedish progressive rock/metal band is coming to Central America for the first time, including their Costa Rican show. The band is promoting their latest album, “Pale Communion.”

“Opeth Concert” takes place July 14 at Pepper’s Club. 8 p.m. ₡33,000 – 39,000 ($62 – 78). More info: SpecialTicket Website.

Musical Theater: Lutherices Pop

This musical theater group has been authorized by the 1967 comedy troupe Les Luthiers to adapt and performs their plays. Lutherices performs a capella arrangements of the original comic texts, staged with costumes, scenery and choreography.

“Lutherices Pop” performs July 14-15 at Melico Salazar Theater, downtown San José. 8 p.m. ₡10,000 – 25,000 ($20 – 50). More info: Lutherices Facebook page.

Movies: “Preamble”

This initiative to exhibitnational and international films includes a wide variety of gems. Here is a glimpse:

July 10:

7 p.m.: “Carmina o Revienta,” by Pablo León. A Spanish production that tells the story of a woman inspired by Carmina Barrios, the mother of Paco León.

July 11:

4 p.m.: “El mar amarillo,” by Na Hong-jin. A Korean movie that tells the story of a man who is going though a really difficult economic situation and desperately needs money; he is contacted by a mysterious man to carry out a murder.

7 p.m.: “Summer Wars,” by Mamoru Hosada. A Japanese movie about a young boy who receives emails with a series of mysterious symbols – then attempts to save the world.

July 12:

4 p.m.:Las marimbas del infierno,” by Julio Hernández. A Guatemalan movie where Don Alfonso, a marimba musician extorted by gangs, and Blacko, a evangelical rocker, come together to merge the traditional sound of the marimba with the power of heavy metal.

7 p.m.: “A girl walks home alone at night,” by Ana Lily Amirpour. A U.S. film billed as “The first Iranian vampire Western.” ‘Nuff said.

“Preambulo” takes place July 9-12 at La Sala Gómez Miralles del Centro Costarricense de Producción Cinematográfica, Barrio Amón. Free. More info: Centro de Cine Website 

Theater: “The Credit”

The 2013 play “The Credit” tells the story of Antonio, an honest man who is forced to ask the bank for a loan. Because he has nothing else to offer as collateral, he is forced to do something that will destroy his family.

“El Crédito” will be performed July 9-August 30 at the National Theater, downtown San José. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 5 p.m. ₡2,500 – 5,500 ($5 – 11). More info: National Theater website

Theater: “Good night, Idiot!”

“Good night, Idiot” is an example of “journalism theater,” which seeks to encourage critical views of  life in Costa Rica among young audiences in an interactive way. The play has a news-inspired format with scenes from 2 to 10 minutes where news protagonists come to life to open the eyes of the public with colloquial and somewhat sarcastic language. It will be presented as a tour at 15 different spots around San José.

Tour schedule is: Casa Ami July 9, Casa Palabra July 10, El Sótano July 11, Casa Avila-Korish July 12, Casa Frida July 16, Guayaba July 17,  Casa Batsú July 18, El Lobo Estepario July 23, La Nave July 24, Teatro Giratablas July 25, Universidad Creativa July 30, Baul Blanco 31 and Casa Teatro August 1.

“Buenas noches, idiota!” tour continues every weekend at a different spot until August 1. ₡3,000 – 4,000 ($6 – 8) at 8 p.m.

Exhibition: “Costa Rican Idiosyncrasy”

Students from Rocio Escobar Photography School present exhibition that shows Tico idiosyncrasy through photographs taken in markets, street trade, traditional festivals and many other places, to present Costa Rican religious, political, familiar, folkloric and even culinary traditions and habits. The exhibit0s opening night is July 9 at 7 p.m.

“Idiosincrasia Tica” will be shown from July 9-31 at the National Gallery, San José downtown. Free. 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. More info RedCultura Website 

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