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Friday, May 20, 2022

PHOTO STORY: Tico boxer takes world super featherweight title

The Super Featherweight Championship, originally billed as a tough match between a veteran fighter and a rising star, was cut short Saturday when an accidental head butt ended the fight in the fifth round.

Tico boxing star Bryan “Tiquito” Vásquez defeated the practiced Nicaraguan fighter René “Superchirizo” González by a narrow margin in points after medics deemed González unfit to continue due to a deep laceration on his forehead.

Vásquez is now the interim world champion at 130 pounds.


Prior to Saturday’s fight Bryan Vásquez had a 31-1 record with 17 knockouts.

Lindsay Fendt


René González had a 31-5-1 record before Saturday’s fight with 23 knockouts. 

Lindsay Fendt





A post-injury René González stands in his corner after the fight. Judges and medics ruled that the cut on González’s forehead, a result from an accidental headbutt, was too deep for him to continue the fight. 

Lindsay Fendt

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