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Pikeos of Machu Picchu opens new location in style

As guests climbed the steps to Pikeos of Machu Picchu, they may have felt a tinge of Hollywood glamor. Last night’s “inauguración” was the kind of party you’d see in southern California, with its fashion-forward patrons, live band and sumptuous buffet of samplers. Foodies familiar with the original Pikeos in Curridabat will attest to its delicious blends of Peruvian and Japanese fare, and the chefs behind the table looked particularly proud of their work.

pikeo chefs

Pikeos chefs pose behind the buffet table before serving their creations.

Robert Isenberg

But the real stunner is its scenic location: The brand-new restaurant is situated on a woodsy ridge between Escazú and Santa Ana, and the view is magnificent. Last night’s celebrants crowded the veranda, sipping sangria and admiring the light-studded view of a nearby valley. Videographers weaved through the crowd, documenting every photogenic face, and some patrons tried their first Pisco Sours as the band began its version of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.”

pikeos drinks

Cocktails wait to be claimed at a table by the entrance.

Robert Isenberg

The Santa Ana Pikeos had already opened its doors a short time ago, but this grand opening was a chance to celebrate in full force. The new location is tastefully designed, with its high ceilings, fish tank and rows of wine bottles fanning across a wall. Yet the most enchanting sight had nothing to do with modernist décor or barbecued octopus; around 9 p.m., a heavy fog blanketed the horizon and seeped through the trees. Soon the veranda was silvery with haze. It was a nice touch, albeit unplanned. Nothing says “the Andes” like an ethereal mist.

pikeo octopus

A bouquet of octopus sprouts from a pineapple on the Pikeos buffet table.

Robert Isenberg

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