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Quake rattles Mexico resort

ACAPULCO, Mexico – A strong earthquake and several aftershocks rattled southern Mexico on Wednesday, collapsing eight homes while forcing schools, hotels and hospitals to evacuate in the Pacific resort of Acapulco.

The magnitude-6.0 earthquake swayed buildings as far away as Mexico City, prompting evacuations, but authorities said no damage or injuries were reported in the megalopolis.

The temblor struck as people prepared to head to work and school, with an epicenter located 17 kilometers west of the town of San Marcos in the southern state of Guerrero, the National Seismology Center said.

The earthquake was followed by eight aftershocks, the strongest reaching magnitude-5.62, some 14 kilometers northeast of Acapulco, where hillside boulders rolled into a street and some hotel facades showed cracks while tourists poured into the streets.

Authorities reported damage at five hospitals and three schools but officials did not report injuries, and Guerrero Governor Angel Aguirre said there were no fatalities. Classes were suspended and some 200 patients were evacuated from the hospitals.

Mexico City is 440 kilometers north of San Marcos, but the capital can sense distant earthquakes because it lies on muddy soil from drained lakes.

A magnitude-8.1 earthquake in 1985 left 3,700 people dead in the capital, according to official figures, though civil groups say more than 20,000 died.


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