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Driving schools could be mandatory, better regulated in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its hair-raising roadway maneuvers by drivers and maddening traffic. But that could soon change, as officials are contemplating requiring mandatory driving school for new drivers. The move is being promoted by the Roadway Safety Council (COSEVI).

In Costa Rica, drivers can obtain licenses by passing a test without having taken driver’s education courses. Lawmakers passed a law regulating private driving schools, but never finished drafting rules to implement the law.

COSEVI Director Silvia Bolaños promised the schools soon would be regulated and would need to be accredited in order to operate, which is currently not a requirement.

“We are looking to implement this law through an agreement with countries that have already done so. Our goal is for drivers to be better prepared before they hit the streets,” Bolaños said.

COSEVI officials will travel this month to Guatemala to discuss regional regulations based on an agreement signed in 2008 in El Salvador.


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