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Slow fishing week in Costa Rica, but Joe Lynberg did get a snook

Not many people on the water this week. Marlin and sails were big up north from Tamarindo to Coco, but slowed when the wind came up and inshore rooster fishing picked up the slack. Herradura and Quepos are seeing some sailfish action but not many boats are out. Down south, the locals are catching snook off the beach near Carate, no one reported from offshore which usually means it’s slow.

The action on the Caribbean is picking up just as expected and lots of tarpon are around.

Joe Lynberg Catches a Snook

The tide had started to push up into the mangroves, and Joe Lynberg’s kayak drifted slowly with the current. A few egrets and a tiger heron had arrived earlier and were busy picking off small minnows, who were planning on using the rising tide to get to protection under the crossroads of mangrove roots when the estuary filled.

Lyberg, a chef by trade, gave up fixing fine dishes to pursue his passion, fishing. Kind of a kayak warrior, he has tackled billfish, tarpon and other large pelagic species, but is just at home in a quiet estuary casting and enjoying nature.

Operating out of his home port of Jímenez down on the Osa, Lynberg is a short paddle to a myriad of fishing action. Roosterfish, snapper, jacks, sierra mackerel, African Pompano and more are within 15 minutes of launching off the beach.

Lynberg worked his way up the mangrove-lined estuary as a light rain began to fall. Fish started “popping” on the surface, engulfing small fish on their way up the river, but would not touch a top-water lure. He cast a dead sardine in a hole in front of a mangrove root and it was stuck as soon as it hit bottom. Moments later he had a nice snook in his kayak.

You can get more info and Lynberg’s kayak trips at or

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