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Heavy rains affect more than 2,000 people along the Caribbean

An 84-year-old woman trapped under rubble caused by a landslide is the first casualty of heavy rains this weekend in the Caribbean province of Limón, officials from the Red Cross reported on Sunday. Three other victims, a 41-, 25- and a 21-year-old men from Matina were confirmed later in the week.

One people remains missing in Turrialba.

Rains have caused severe flooding that affected homes and properties both in Limón and in the canton of Turrialba, east of the province of Cartago.

The Red Cross estimates that at least 2,000 people had suffered some type of damage by rains in the region.

President Laura Chinchilla on Sunday said her government is working to enable some 33 shelters for those affected by floods. She also said that school classes in the cantons of Matina and Turrialba are suspended until wheater conditions improve.

The National Emergency Commission closed Route 32, which connects the capital with Limón, overnight Sunday out of concern for possible landslides. Officials said they would reopen the road at 5 a.m. Monday.

Forecasts from the National Meteorological Institute on Sunday afternoon said rains will continue in most parts of the country, and officials recommend for residents to remain alert. A previous report had stated that the Caribbean coast will see an increase in wet conditions due to the influence from El Niño climate pattern.

The National Emergency Commission (CNE) declared a yellow alert for several municipalities in the province of Limon and Cartago, east of San José, where nearby towns like Turrialba were also isolated by landslides that fell on the road.
A green alert stays in effect for the Central Valley.

People affected by floods and landslides

Dead 4
Missing 1
Isolated 297
In shelters 2,142
Total 2,444

Source: Costa Rican Red Cross (07/30/2012 at 14:00 hours)

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