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Deal sets private-sector raises at 3 percent

A dispute over government-regulated, private-sector wage hikes was settled Monday night by a majority vote in the National Wage Council that set mandatory biannual raises at 3 percent. Three government representatives and two labor members approved the agreement, while representatives for employers voted against it.

The percentage was recommended by the government last Thursday, and is higher than the 2.47 percent suggested by employers. The difference, 0.53 percent, adjusted for inflation for the last three months of 2011, as the last wake-hike rate was set in October.

The agreement also included a commitment to boost the rate an additional 0.56 percent in 2013 and 0.37 percent in 2014, as requested by unions.

This is the second wage hike to adjust for inflation, which is calculated by Costa Rica’s Central Bank.


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