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‘Indignados’ protest in San José

A small group of some 50 people gathered Saturday morning at Plaza de la Cultura, in downtown San José, to protest several ongoing issues, from failed economic policies to human rights, and corruption to loss of cultural identity.

Demonstrators took the microphone to express their indignation on subjects such as new taxes, or to ask for better agricultural loan plans.

Others handed out leaflets on the “need for a constituent assembly to restore citizen power,” and there was even a group that opposes the San José Municipality’s Chinatown project.

William Barquero, one of the protesters, said the group – modeled after the Occupy movements in the United States and Europe – is planning a new gathering Tuesday at 10 Parque Central to protest against the Chinatown project.

From there, street vendors will march to the Legislative Assembly to deliver a copy of a lawsuit they will file with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to avoid being removed from the streets, following a recent government crackdown.


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