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2 cops, 2 Colombians arrested in alleged kidnapping plot

Two police officers, from Turrialba and Acosta, south of San José, and two Colombian citizens were arrested Wednesday in connection with an alleged kidnapping and extortion plot have been sentenced to three months of preventative detention.

According to a report issued by the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) the two National Police officers, who have the last names Ortega Vega and Aguilar Núñez are suspected of detaining the victim for the two Colombians, who have the last names Ramírez Montoya and González Castaño. The men asked for a $2 million dollar ransom from the victim’s family, the report said. However, the kidnappers released the victim without receiving the ransom and were taken into custody, the report said.

OIJ agents raided properties connected to the kidnappers in Escazú Monday, and recovered some 44 fragmentation grenades as well as mountain survival and camping equipment, the report said.

The two police officers were arrested at their homes on Monday, their day off.


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