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Drug busts throughout Costa Rica on Tuesday

The Security Ministry and National Police made several drug busts Tuesday, highlighted by the arrest of three Colombian men in possession of 1,203-kilograms of cocaine in the western San José neighborhood of Tibás.

Early Tuesday morning, members of the National Police arrested three men from Colombia traveling in a Hyundai truck towards San José. Upon a search of the truck, the National Police recovered a large quantity of cocaine, two firearms and cash. 

Two Ticos were arrested in separate automobiles that were thought to be aiding the transport of the cocaine.

In the eastern province of Limón, three men and a woman were arrested in possession of 240 hits of crack, marijuana, three firearms and 21 bullets. The arrests were made after authorities were alerted of a possible escape attempt from the province’s central prison. As a preventive measure, police searched dozens of vehicles and more than 200 people, which led to the seizure of the paraphernalia.

Two other busts were made Tuesday at the Juan Santamaría International Airport in Alajuela, northwest of San José. Authorities detained a Spaniard from Colombia that was in possession of more than 5,400-grams of cocaine, as well as an Israeli man in possession of 6,223 grams of cocaine. Both were scheduled to fly to Madrid, Spain.


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