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Woman and daughter of U.S. citizen found dead in apparent murder-suicide

The wife and daughter of a U.S. citizen were found dead Saturday morning in their home in Prado de Guápiles on the Caribbean slope, authorities said.

The 5-year-old girl appeared to have been asphyxiated with a plastic bag, by her mother, a 24-year-old Nicaraguan woman with the last name Flores, according to a report issued by the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ). The daughter’s body was found on a bed in the main bedroom of the home and Flores was found in the bathroom where she apparently hung herself.

Flores, whose full name was Yuritza Junieth Flores, was married to a U.S. citizen named Kevin Hayes. The OIJ report said Hayes discovered the bodies of his wife and child early Saturday morning.

Hayes’s Facebook page indicates his daughter’s name was Fergie Stacy Flores. On Saturday afternoon Hayes wrote: “I love you guys, thank you for giving me the strength to survive. God I miss my wife. The house was so full of life and laughter. Now that Fergie is gone, no more. I will continue to pray.”

The bodies of Flores and her daughter were taken to the morgue for autopsies. Police collected evidence at the home and are reviewing the details of the case.

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