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Samsung launches ‘Smart TV’ in Costa Rica

Lovers of television, the Internet, “smart” devices and all things tech rejoice –“Smart” television has arrived in Costa Rica.

You can thank Samsung and Daytron Electronic, who announced the launch of their new Smart TV in the country Tuesday.

The new ‘smart’ era of television is already impacting related industries like movies, music, online media, development of games and applications and modes of communication in general,” said Dario Arjona, audio and video manager of Samsung Electronics.

The Smart TV is smartest, perhaps, in its ability to connect. It can connect to the Internet, to storage devices, to home computers – all wirelessly – and play or display all the media stored therein. That connectivity allows the Smart TV to function like a giant node of entertainment and communication. Smart TV allows users to search all devices connected to the television with a click, to surf the web and to maintain contact on social networking through the television all while watching your favorite programs.

Smart TVs and Smart TV Blu-Ray adapters, which will convert non-Smart LCD or Plasma screen televisions into Smart TVs, are now available in electronics across the country.


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