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San José airport adds security measures

Juan Santamaría International Airport in San José has placed dividers at boarding areas to separate passengers entering and leaving the terminal.

The new security measure was implemented last Friday, according to the daily La Nación. The new measure is to prevent outgoing passengers from exchanging luggage with inbound travelers.  

In addition, outgoing passengers will face two security checks before boarding the plane: at the entrance to the boarding area and at the boarding gate. In-transit passengers, or passengers changing planes, will also have to undergo the inspections.

The security measures were recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization after a recent inspection of the airport. However, the changes are temporary. Authorities told La Nación that the airport will construct a sterile glass walkway, costing at least $2.4 million, for incoming passengers in January 2012. The walkway’s design will be finalized around Sept. 15.

Airport officials acknowledge that the added regulations could cause confusion. They recommend arriving to the airport three hours early for flights to the United States or Europe and two hours for flights within Latin America.


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