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Report says tourists spend more per day in Costa Rica than in rest of Central America

Tourists spend more money on average in Costa Rica than any other country in the region, a new report showed.

In Costa Rica, the top Central American destination for tourists, visitors spend approximately $112 per day.  In Nicaragua, tourists spend the least, averaging $48 per day, according to a report from the  Central American Tourism Integration System (SICA). However, the report did not give average spending figures for Belize, but in 2009 it was $149 per day.

Tourists spend an average of $109 in Panama, $97 in Guatemala, $79 in El Salvador and $60 in Honduras.

In Honduras and Costa Rica, the average duration of a visit is 11 nights. Most visitors stay for an average of nine nights in Panama, seven in Nicaragua, and six in Guatemala and El Salvador, according to SICA. The report also stated that tourism has recovered from the downturn caused by the international economic crisis.


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