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Costa Rica backs no-fly zone in Libya

Costa Rica government has issued an official statement supporting military actions against Moammar Gadhafi forces in Libya.

According to the document, Costa Rica backs any effort required to protect Libyan citizens, including the latest resolution issued by the Security Council of the United Nations to create a no-fly zone in the country. Attacks on pro-Gadhafi military bases began Saturday in an operation known as Odyssey Dawn.

“Costa Rica believes that governments have the responsibility of protecting civilians in case of conflicts. In the Libyan case, [Costa Rica] strongly condemns the severe violations against human rights and international laws perpetrated by the Gadhafi regime against unarmed citizens” the document says.

The statement also emphasizes that “Attacks to human rights should never remain in impunity.”

Several Latin American governments, including Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela, have condemned the bombings.


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