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“Pura Vida” – A poem

This poem was submitted by Katherine Ridley, 13, who attended the Talarke School in San Ramón de Tres Ríos from 2000 to 2007, and the European School in San Pablo de Heredia from 2007 to 2010. She now lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

Pura Vida

I know a country with a heart of gold and goodness.

The animals, so colorful and exotic,

They look like part of a dream;

The mountains that breathe fire

Like hot-tempered, scaly dragons.

The restless land that shakes and shudders

Letting the people know it is alive.

Bright red berries that sprinkle the coffee plants at harvest time;

Drops of blood on a green garment.

Sandy beaches snaking around the country:

Ropes preventing all that beauty from spilling into the sea

That already has its fair share.

Coral reefs that grow just as dense

As the rain forest with its endless showers

As if it was trying to wash the evil from the world.

And the people that smile as if life is good.

Because it is.

The Tico Times welcomes submissions for the Young Writers column from writers 17 and younger. Submissions should be a maximum of 500 words and may be e-mailed to Weekend Editor Meg Yamamoto at Please include a brief bio indicating the writer’s age, nationality, school and place of residence.


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