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Costa Rica protests publication of Nicaragua map

Costa Rica issued a “most energetic protest” against Nicaragua on Thursday for the country’s publication of a new map that includes the Isla Calero as part of Nicaragua. The map, which was released Tuesday by the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER), previously included the Isla Calero as part of Costa Rica.

“Given that this error is manipulated and intentional, it clearly intended to adjust the Nicaraguan cartography to the fallacious arguments that Nicaragua presented to the International Court of Justice,” Foreign Minster René Castro wrote in the protest sent to Nicaraguan Embassy in San José. “(The adjustment was done) with the clear objective to justify the illegal occupation and destruction of Costa Rica territory in the same area.”

Castro added:

“My government reminds Nicaragua that these acts aggravate the dispute between both nations, and are contradictory to international rights.”


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