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El Mirador Valle Azul Restaurant

The much-loved Mirador restaurant was closed for a spell, but we’re happy to report that it’s reopened under new management. They’ve assured us that customers can expect the same top-quality Italian fare as always, plus, who can beat that killer view?

Located in San Antonio de Escazú, El Mirador Valle Azul was the idea of Herman Patterson, who at the end of the 1980s lived in the U.S. and dreamed of returning to his beloved Costa Rica to open a restaurant – one that was of high quality, but still accessible to his people.

The hills of Escazú provided the perfect location, but at the time getting there was nearly impossible. So with neighbors, he built a road. Now that’s ingenuity.

During the past four months, the restaurant has been renovated and the administration changed, but the ownership has been the same for the past 25 years.

Patterson says he’s ready to “relive the dream,” and his hopes for the future are providing excellence, good food, and a unique location that you can find nowhere else in the country.

The menu is mixed Mediterranean fare, with lots of pasta, meats and seafood. Check it out!


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