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Jacó Hotel Makes Commitment to the Lora Turtle

Dozens of tourists gathered on the beach in front of Jaco’s Los Suenos Marriott Resort to release 150 turtles early Saturday morning. Grabbing the baby creatures with gloved hands from a blue ice cooler, they set them down on the sand and watched them climb 15 feet into the surf.

The release was an activity that hotel staff hope to make an annual affair in their on-going pledge to keep the central Pacific beaches pristine.

“Our aim is to improve the conditions so that in 15 years the turtles will return,” said Sales Director Xavier Pineda as he watched tourists snap photos with the baby turtles. “Part of that goal is raising awareness among our guests.”

The Lora turtles were a donation from the Environment Ministry and came from the Vida Silvestre Refuge in Jaco.


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