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Phone Numbers to Get Another Digit

Three-digit service phone numbers will expand to four digits beginning on Jan. 11, 2011, according to the Costa Rican Electricity Institute. 

Information, operator assistance, voicemail service for cell phones, among others will get an additional “1.” Information will move from “113” to “1113,” international calls via the operator will move from “116” to “1116,” voicemail will go from “190” to “1190,” etc.

But the three-digit emergency number “911” will remain the same.

After the change is implemented, callers dialing three digits will reach a recording reminding them of the new system.

The last significant change to Costa Rica’s phone numbers was a switch from seven digit phone numbers to eight digits in 2008. At the time, all seven-digit numbers received an extra “2” for a landline or an extra “8” for a cellular phone. The switch from six to seven digits was made in 1994.

Useful Phone Numbers

112 soon to be 1112 for official time

113 soon to be 1113 for information

123 soon to be 1023 to dictate telegraphs  

137 soon to be 1137 for people with disabilities


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