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Women’s Club of Costa Rica creates branch for working professionals


The Women’s Club of Costa Rica is moving beyond midweek teas and brainstorming sessions to cater to the working professional.


On Saturday, it gave birth to the Professional Women’s Network, a 50-plus-member subset that will work to support 9-5ers both professionally and socially.


According to Phylliss Crist, who spearheaded the initiative, working women have long asked for ways to get involved that better complement their work schedule. Most club meetings are held during the workweek.


“With this effort, we are looking for a way to include working women who haven’t been able to join us in the past,” said Crist, during a break in Saturday’s kick-off session at San José’s Union Club.


As participants drafted a mission statement and elected a steering committee, the group of entrepreneurs, business executives, lawyers and nonprofit leaders conveyed a clear enthusiasm and hunger to network.


“My goal is to take this energy and not let it sit anywhere,” said interim leader Stacey Auch, who hopes the network will become a support system for women professionals.


The Women’s Club of Costa Rica, a 70-year-old philanthropic organization that supports education and youth programs, will continue with its regularly scheduled midweek meetings. While most meetings are conducted in English, the group is also open to beginning English speakers.


Anyone interested in more information about the Professional Women’s Network can e-mail Stacey Auch at


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