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Mother, Should I Trust The Government?

Dear Nica Times:

Regarding the article “Survivor Puts Nicaragua on Prime Time TV” (NT; June 4), I hope the filming of Survivor will help Nicaragua and the local families of San JuanDelSur.

I would be interested to see if the money goes where it should to help the local economy, and doesn’t end up in the hands of shady government officials.

Just last night I watched the 48 Hours TV special about Eric Volz and the injustice surrounding the murder of Doris Jimenez in San Juan.

While I was watching it all I could think was “yep, that’s what’s scary about Nicaragua: you can’t trust the government or officials.”

I have spent some time in Nicaragua and absolutely love it, but don’t trust it always, either.

Good luck to the people in Nicaragua and San Juan Del Sur! I hope you get the rewards you deserve from this exciting event in your country.

Cheryl Smith

Grove, Oklahoma, USA


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