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Friday, June 2, 2023

The Nica Times Should Print Only Positive News

Dear Nica Times:

Is Tim Rogers paid by the CIA or USA Republicans?

I always thought The Tico Times was a nice newspaper with positive news! Now I am living in Granada and I read The Nica Times. The headlines go from problems in Panama to problems in El Salvador – and all negative.

Now “Nica” means Nicaragua, so my first question is: why all that news from El Salvador, Panama, etc.? Is someone confused here?

Second question: why almost only negative news, especially all these exciting articles from Tim Rogers.

I think Tim is near to depression or something like that and doesn’t see any positives any more, so he comes up with all these negative stories from surrounding countries.

Or he works for “big brother” and does what he is paid for!

Nicaragua is the safest country in the Americas. Here there is freedom of the press, maybe even better then what we see in the United States.

Yes there are power games going on in Nicaraguan politics, but is it worse than the U.S. Republicans against Democrats?

So please, when you name your paper “The Nica Times” come with all the positive news from Nicaragua. I really hope The Nica Times will be a positive newspaper in the future.

Gerardo Dirks



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